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The AA Chair History

The AA Chair had a long history and was inspired by many before becoming the Airborne flagship in 1952. The materials used are noble and required years and years of creativity and expertise: from working solid steel to create the perfect frame to learn how to double stitching which reinforce the seat strength. It is Charles Bernard who decided to “cut up” the frame: one base, two wings and four sleeves. The AA chair is still sold like that today. 57 covers are available from chainmail to batyline, from cotton to cowhide, etc. All covers wear the Airborne signature and the frames have been engraved with the year of fabrication since 2011. The story of the AA chair is fascinating and Airborne is writing the sequel.

Zoom on the Labo Design Chair

The French designer, Hervé Langlais, born in Caen in 1964, studied at the Normandy School of Architecture. In 2006, he became the “Le Labo design” artistic director and successfully used metallic plates and chain mail in his designs. Around that time, he approached Airborne with the idea of a chain mail cover for the AA© chair: this model is highly appreciated for its both rough and sophisticated look. The consensus is unanimous: it is a unique chair which combines industrial haute couture and design.

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The Miss Clover Table

«Our first idea was to design a « tripod table » where the metallic base underlined the top as with the AA chair. We quickly realized minimizing the base would create the illusion the three leaves were floating. We decided then to reduce the aspect of the base to enhance the woodwork.In that way, the “Miss Trèfle” coffee table shows off its lightness and vegetal finesse thanks to the floating-like appearance of its three solid oak leaves.»​Nelson Alves et Maxence Boisseau

The AO Table

In the fifties, Airborne wished to increase the range of its products aimed at the general public. This table was part of a new collection designed by the architect and decorator F. Lasbleiz. The base of the table was made of steel, similar in shape to the AA chair frame, with a 0.8mm security smoked glass top. It was called TL1 and renamed the Jasmine table later. It is now known as the AO table.

L'Assise by Maxime Lis

Maxime Lis is a young designer from Bordeaux. For him, production rationalisation does not lower the ergonomics or quality of the product. His objects are clever and stripped of all superfluous details. This new creation is a bet. It is both rough and poetic. Its name is L'Assise and it is made in France!
designed by At-Once studio

The Impala Chairs

The « Impala » chair and armchair are the result of the combination of Airborne two main strengths: comfort and purity of line. The contour of the frame underlines the space between the chairs back and seat for a look of understated elegance.
Special Edition

By Coralie Prevert

« Coralie Prévert » trade mark was born in Florence in 2014 and registered later in France in 2016. It is a world of printed fabrics starting with scarves and kimonos progressively thereafter. Soon to be used to many more products. Collaboration with the young French designer Coralie Prévert to dress the Impala chair and bridge. It is a precious graphic realm, contemporary and colourful, using the Italians printers’ knowhow whim whom Coralie Prévert works in close collaboration. It is there that roots and travels, harmonies and eccentricities, shapes and words meet. She loves the decorative arts, the architecture of the thirties, the XIXth century avant-garde, the design of the fifties. And so, quite naturally, Airborne took an interest in her work and chose her unique style to upholster its new “Impala” chair and armchair collection, designed by “AT Once Studio”.

The iconic AA chair, also known as the Butterfly, has granted Airborne Design its success.The brand is the official manufacturer of this classic design, paying homage to France's oldest architectural magazine "Architecture d'Aujourd'hui".

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